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movement with a purpose


Circuit Pilates

Welcome to our staple class here at Payne Therapies, where you get to explore full body movements, each with a purpose in our 45min circuit class. Expect to use a minimum of TWO Pilates apparatuses throughout the class which will be guided by your teacher. Long elongated movements filled with pulses at the Barre, Push and pull against resistance on the Reformer, explore supported movements on the amazing 1/2 trapeze, press and stretch on the wonderous Wunda Chair or take it back to where it all began on the Magnificent Mat. This is a class for everyone, yep you heard it, bring your mum, your brother, your mate, your daughter, this class will leave you feeling fabulous.


Purpose: to challenge your body by exploring the way it can move with the use of different apparatuses all benefiting the spine and core whilst working on strength and stability.

Reformer Pilates

Welcome to Reformer Pilates! The class that everyone just loves. 45min filled with mindful movements which will strengthen the body, lengthen your muscles, challenge that mind and leave you feeling fantastic. This teacher driven class will offer different levels throughout so don’t be afraid if you are new to the class, we will guide you every step of the way, and before you know it you’ll be loving the legs in straps series like everyone else. If you like, book in for a 30min 1:1 with Emily to get a feel for the apparatus, you will soon be in love with what it has to offer your body and your mind.


Purpose: while focusing on core strength, appropriate postural alignments, athletic abilities and injury recovery this class will challenge your body in all avenues.



Barre class, a class filled with booty burn, long controlled movements, a little bit of cardio and a whole lot of fun all at the Barre. Expect to move your body with the use of music to soak in all the good vibes, you will leave feeling well worked but your body and your mind will thank you for it. 

Purpose: to build strength, increase flexibility, challenge and improve your balance and better your stability by strengthening your core.


Mums & Bubs Pilates

Mums & Bubs classes either run as a casual class or a 5 week course all which focus on reconnecting using the mind and the body with the option of having your little one in tow. With small class numbers you'll get the most out of your time here whilst meeting other mummas and their bubs in the process. 45min of movement and stretch focusing on strengthening and destressing the body.

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